Who is Frontline Librarian?

I am a public librarian living and working in the Midwest. My title is Head of Adult Services, which always sounds a little racy out of context. Working in a public library is just too interesting not to write about – although non-library types may find that hard to believe. I’m interested in books, technology, and people and the public library is where they all intersect. Each day is different but no day is dull!

My library: Frontline Library is located in the suburb of a metropolitan midwest city. Our town still has elements of small town community but does not lack for cultural experiences. You can attend a concert or play in the park, or drive 20 minutes and see a world class symphony or traveling broadway production. We are a stand alone city library and would be considered a largish medium sized library. We have a beautiful building that was renovated within the last decade, and in spite of recent budget cutbacks we manage to offer some pretty innovative services. We have a lot of pubic access computers, a great website, an excellent free wireless system, a fairly large collection of books, and a creative staff that doesn’t like to be bored.

If the work wasn’t interesting, we wouldn’t still be here.


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13 01 2010

Just found your blog linked from Merry Librarian. Lots of fun! I am also working in a library such as you describe, although much smaller…my main question is…. how did you get those computers approved by the library board? Our board is not so open-minded!

13 02 2010
Frontline Librarian

Hi kybrarian –

I didn’t see your post as it was attached to my old website – I’m now at http://www.frontlinelibrarian.com/blog/
In answer to your question, though, is that I’m very fortunate to have an administration who (mostly) understand our need to keep up with technology. And anything they say no to initially, my secret method is to stay calm and keep asking. I’ve discovered that five is the lucky number. By the time we’ve talked about it five times, they generally know I’m not giving up 🙂

Glad you enjoyed my blog – sorry I missed your post when it came in! I’ll probably go ahead and sunset the old blog – hope you’ll join me at the new site.


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